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Digital Healthcare is a hugely popular annual event. It paves the way for discussions around the importance of data privacy in the digital healthcare landscape, regulatory frameworks, best practices, and artificial intelligence-driven diagnostics and technologies.

This convergent discussion of technology and healthcare is attended by physicians, technologists, policymakers, and entrepreneurs, making it a must-attend. Register now to hear about cutting-edge innovations, AI capabilities, and how digital technology enables workforces to improve patient care.



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    Keynote - Dr Faris Al Ramadani, Warwickshire East PCN

    Dr Faris Al Ramadani
    Dr Faris Al Ramadani Innovative GP Partner Warwickshire East Primary Care Network
    Faris is an innovative GP Partner at St Wulfstan Surgery and PCN Clinical Director at Warwickshire East PCN. He has successfully innovated clinical pathways at PCN level through the implementation of digital technology, and now also consults with HealthTech firms looking to support the NHS
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    Technology Enabled Workforce

    Join us for an engaging panel discussion on the transformative impact of technology on the modern workforce. Explore the opportunities and challenges of the digital revolution in this dynamic and insightful gathering. Learn how equipping your team with the right technology enhances efficiency and improves diagnosis and treatment. Our goal is to improve clinical outcomes, patient safety, and care quality through digital transformation.

    Discover how NHS staff can integrate tools into their roles for better communication and efficiency. Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to gain insights, exchange ideas, and network with professionals in digital transformation. Join us to unleash the power of a technology-enabled workforce and drive success in the digital age!

    Ruth Bradbury
    Ruth Bradbury Senior NHS Navigator/Senior Programme Manager Digital Health London
    I have a background in operational leadership and project management with expertise gained in clinical and transformation roles across the healthcare industry.

    Uniquely placed in the overlap of the emerging healthtech sector and the NHS, I understand the pressing requirements for digital health transformation and have the network to engage and influence senior stakeholders to facilitate digital change.

    I have passion and commitment to the transformation of health and care services and the enablement of leaders and teams to make this happen. I see digital innovation as a key driver to making services fit for the future.
    Rachael Forbister
    Rachael Forbister Digital Transformation Programme Manager Health Innovation NENC
    Digital Transformation Programme Manager at the HI NENC supporting region wide innovation and adoption of technology to transform the health of the population, create economic growth and ensure the safety of our patients. Working with stakeholders and patients across health and social care. Focus on primary care transformation and the human factors to adoption.

    Also experienced in Project and Development Management with a demonstrated history of working in the Public Sector and Rail industries. 10+ years developing and implementing Digital and Technology Enabled Care projects across Health and Social Care. Skilled in Project Management, Development, Account Management, Digital Service Development, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare, Coaching and Mentoring, Leadership, and Change Management. Also a super connector. Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Post Graduate Certificates in Management and Digital Leadership. Passionate about people and patients. Get the quality right and everything else will follow.
    Lee Gutcher
    Lee Gutcher Programme Manager Royal Free NHSFT & North Central London ICB,

    With over 15 years’ NHS leadership experience, Lee has a wealth of operational experience in acute hospital settings through his roles at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust and Whittington Health as an Operations Manager.

    Lee’s current role as a Head of Programmes for North Central London (NCL) ICB sees him lead on multiple collaborative programmes across NCL, which includes the implementation of the ICS wide collaborative staff bank.

    Passionate about patient care, Lee uses his operational management experience to ensure his programmes are fit to deliver and have a positive outcome for patients and staff.

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    Addressing Health Inequalities Using Digital Tools

    Join us for an enlightening panel discussion addressing the persistent challenge of health inequalities worldwide. Underserved communities often encounter barriers to quality healthcare, but digital tools offer promise in bridging the gap and promoting equitable outcomes. The NHS is committed to reducing health disparities, leveraging digital services to enhance uptake of tools for long-term conditions and improve adherence. These scalable, cost-effective solutions can rapidly reach large populations, overcoming barriers such as wait times and stigma.

    Explore with us the transformative potential of digital technologies in creating a more equitable healthcare system. Let's bridge the gap together and improve health outcomes for all, regardless of socioeconomic status or location.

    Trish Greenhalgh
    Trish Greenhalgh Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

    rish Greenhalgh is an internationally recognised academic in primary health care and trained as a GP. She joined the Department in January 2015 after previously holding professorships at University College London and Queen Mary University of London.

    As co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Research In Health Sciences (IRIHS) unit, Trish leads a programme of research at the interface between social sciences and medicine, with strong emphasis on the organisation and delivery of health services. Her research seeks to celebrate and retain the traditional and humanistic aspects of medicine while also embracing the exceptional opportunities of contemporary science and technology to improve health outcomes and relieve suffering. 

    Trish is Programme Director for the MSc and DPhil in Translational Health Sciences.

    Her past research has covered the evaluation and improvement of clinical services at the primary-secondary care interface, particularly the use of narrative methods to illuminate the illness experience in ‘hard to reach’ groups; the challenges of implementing evidence-based practice (including the study of knowledge translation and research impact); the adoption and use of new technologies (including electronic patient records and assisted living technologies) by both clinicians and patients; and the application of philosophy to clinical practice.  She has brought this interdisciplinary perspective to bear on the research response to the Covid-19 pandemic, looking at diverse themes including clinical assessment of the deteriorating patient by phone and video, the science and anthropology of face coverings, and policy decision-making in conditions of uncertainty.

    Trish is the author of over 400 peer-reviewed publications and 16 textbooks.  She was awarded the OBE for Services to Medicine by Her Majesty the Queen in 2001, made a Fellow of the UK Academy of Medical Sciences in 2014, and elected an International Fellow of the US Academy of Medicine in 2021. She is also a Fellow of the UK Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of General Practitioners, Faculty of Clinical Informatics and Faculty of Public Health.

    Current research projects include);

    • LOCOMOTION, a multi-site study of service delivery in long Covid clinics in UK;
    • Remote by Default 2, a study of how GP practices are responding to the call to provide more remote services, funded by NIHR

    Trish is a fellow at Green Templeton College. She is in principle keen to hear from prospective DPhil students in her areas of interest but currently has a full quota of doctoral students and a waiting list. 

    Trish is an active contributor to the social media sites

    Dr Devesh Sinha
    Dr Devesh Sinha Chief Clinical Information Officer Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Foundation Trust
    I am CCIO and Consultant Stroke Physician at the Neuroscience Division at Queen's hospital, London and North East London Stroke Network Lead. I have gained postgraduate training in London. I have pursued my dedication to Stroke with sub-speciality Stroke at Cambridge and Southend. I am an innovator of HOT-TIA which has been awarded me with Hospital Hero and team with EHI award, HSJ award and NHS Innovation challenge prize of £100,000.

    I am also the recipient of the Outstanding Clinician Award by EMS for the year 2016 and the Excellence Award as rated by patients on Iwantgreatcare in 2018. My team has won the Future NHS Award of 2018 at BHR Trust.
    Maryann Ferreux
    Maryann Ferreux Medical Director Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex

    MaryAnn has international experience working across both the Australian and UK health systems, with specialist qualifications in health system leadership, management, and public health. She has been a medical leader in both primary and secondary care and is passionate about improving the patient experience and delivering better integrated care.

    She is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators, Australasian College of Health Service Management and Faculty of Clinical Informatics, as well as being a certified health executive and organisational coach. She has a special interest in researching health equity and the impact of the social determinants of health, her current research focus explores health inequalities in the NHS within the Kent and Medway region.

    Dr Elena Provenzano
    Dr Elena Provenzano Consultant Histopathologist Cambridge University Hospitals
    I am the lead pathologist for several research projects in breast cancer. My primary interest is the translational aspect of clinical trials, particularly in the neoadjuvant setting. Current trials include Artemis, PARTNER, PRIMETIME and Neo-RT clinical trials in Addenbrooke’s Hospital. I am also a local pathologist for the SEARCH and METABRIC studies.

    The latter is a multi-centre collaborative study examining the molecular biology of the integrative clusters of breast cancer with a substudy specifically looking at precursor lesions.
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    Virtual Wards, A Crucial Component to the Future of the NHS

    In January 2023, NHS England unveiled a delivery plan aimed at recovery of urgent and emergency care services. The plan addresses the mounting pressure on hospitals by expanding the use of ‘virtual wards.’ These virtual wards empower patients to manage their health and care at home, serving as a crucial component of the NHS’s future. The investment, totalling £14.1 billion extra for health and social care, will focus £1.6 billion squarely on discharge over the next two years. By leveraging virtual wards, healthcare professionals can safely monitor up to 50,000 patients a month from the comfort of their own homes, thereby expediting patient discharge to the appropriate care setting while ensuring continuous monitoring.


    Sue Armstong
    Sue Armstong Advanced Nurse Practitioner Arrhythmias & Devices University Hospitals of Leicester
    Sue Armstrong has worked as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in Arrhythmias at University Hospitals of Leicester for the last 6 years and prior to this as a Cardiac Nurse Specialist. She has a special passion for service development demonstrated in developing UHL ICD Cardiac rehab programme, Nurse-Led ILR implant and explant service, Nurse led cardioversions and more recently combined it with digital transformation in cofounding the AF Virtual ward. Her Career path has recently been recognised by the British journal of nursing where she and was successfully shortlisted as one of the Top 3 Cardiovascular nurses of the year.
    Ashley Young
    Ashley Young UK head of Community Services and Virtual Wards British Red Cross
    A dedicated social care professional with a passion for addressing health inequalities and championing person-centred care. With a career of 24 years in social care, the last 17 in the third sector, committed to ensuring equitable access to healthcare services. Background in operational leadership, bringing a wealth of hands-on experience and a comprehensive understanding of the complexities within the social care landscape. Currently leading the development of the British Red Cross Hospital at Home programme. 
    Kate Townsend
    Kate Townsend Programme Manager NHS England
    Working for the NHS South East region on the Greener NHS programme of care. Supporting ICSs and trusts in the creation, implementation and delivery of green plans in line with the national NHS net zero agenda. I am also leading on the a number of priority areas including: digital sustainability, medicines, net zero clinical transformation and sustainable procurement. I am continuously working on a number of innovative projects in an agile way.
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    Telehealth Remote Patient Monitoring

    Join us for an insightful panel discussion that explores telehealth. Telehealth utilises electronic communication to provide medical services. Over the years, telehealth has evolved, enabling care beyond clinical settings through remote patient monitoring and automated feedback. Electronic health records (EHRs) and expanded internet access have facilitated healthcare at patients' homes, while healthcare providers track patients using digital medical devices. Telehealth bridges geographical gaps and enhances personalised care, but is it the final solution or has technology got more untapped potential/is there more to come from technology in this sphere?

    Sara Abdelgalil
    Sara Abdelgalil Paediatric Consultant Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
    Paediatric consultant who promotes children and young people’s health development, rights and wellbeing.

    Humanitarian aid leader. Developed simulation-based education training during conflicts

    Interested in promoting governance in all aspects of life in particular “clinical governance”. A unionist who admires the public sector.

    Fellow of the royal college of paediatrics and child health
    Works in the field of paediatric ID, Immunology and allergy

    Joined the EUDiF expert roster in the area of diaspora engagement

    Chevening scholarship alumni
    Peter Almond
    Peter Almond Telehealth Head of Service Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust
    Project & Programme Manager, PRINCE2 & MSP certified Practitioner
    Rosie Kaur
    Rosie Kaur Clinical Lead for Telehealth Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust
    Liverpool graduate 1992 and GP since 1998.
    Passionate about transforming out of hospital care through technology and using intelligence and data design the services around the patient.
    8 years of commissioning experience in Liverpool CCG
    Now with Mersey Care sine 2019 to support the delivery of high quality, safe , effective care to the community.
    More recently leading on developing the clinical uses of telehealth in empowering patients with self management , supporting Long Term Condition Management and Virtual Wards .
  • Available On Demand

    Keynote - Jagtar Singh OBE, Chair, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust

    Jagtar Singh OBE
    Jagtar Singh OBE Chair Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust
    Experienced chair of public services and NHS Trust board over 15 year. Awarded professor 2023 by Warwick University.Over 30 years Board level experience in public sector and Whitehall as a CEO and board director responsibility for HR , finance and strategy development.

    Qualified fire safety officer and principal officer responsible for fire Safety legislation and community relations

    Passionate about making a difference and leaving a legacy that ensure people are all valued
    a champion inclusive leadership and Personal Fair and Diverse approach to working with staff and communitie
  • Available On Demand

    Impact of AI in Digital Healthcare in partnership with C2-Ai

    Join us for a compelling panel discussion on the transformative role of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital healthcare. Explore how AI revolutionizes healthcare delivery, diagnosis, and management, enhancing medical practices and optimizing processes while improving patient outcomes. Dive into the significant impact of AI in medical diagnostics, where algorithms analyze vast medical data, including patient records and lab results, with remarkable speed and accuracy. Discover how AI enables precise and efficient disease diagnosis, including early detection of conditions like cancer.

    Explore how AI-powered diagnostic tools empower healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and personalize treatment plans for patients. Join us as we delve into the future of AI in healthcare.

    Ruth Bradbury
    Ruth Bradbury Senior NHS Navigator/Senior Programme Manager Digital Health London
    I have a background in operational leadership and project management with expertise gained in clinical and transformation roles across the healthcare industry.

    Uniquely placed in the overlap of the emerging healthtech sector and the NHS, I understand the pressing requirements for digital health transformation and have the network to engage and influence senior stakeholders to facilitate digital change.

    I have passion and commitment to the transformation of health and care services and the enablement of leaders and teams to make this happen. I see digital innovation as a key driver to making services fit for the future.
    Colette Thompson-Reil
    Colette Thompson-Reil Consultant Surgeon East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust
    Originally from the tiny island paradise of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Colette settled in the United 
    Kingdom 10 years ago to join her English husband.

    Colette is an Emergency and General Surgery Consultant at the Colchester General Hospital, a 
    medium-sized District hospital in Essex, and specialises in open and laparoscopic surgery.

    In addition to her clinical responsibilities, Colette has been the Lead on use of Ai tool to support 
    elective recovery and quality improvement at the Trust

    Colette is a skilled badminton player, dancer and communicator and loves to travel having visited over
    40 countries world-wide and counting
    Dr Mark Ratnarajah
    Dr Mark Ratnarajah Managing Director C2-Ai

    Dr. Mark Ratnarajah is the managing director at C2-AI, a firm that specialises in healthcare analytics and artificial intelligence. He brings a wealth of experience from his 20 years as a paediatrician within the National Health Service in the UK, and his time as a physician and Flying Doctor in Australia and New Zealand. His former role at one of the UK’s largest rehabilitation centres saw him provide essential medical and psychological care to thousands of patients suffering from traumatic injuries each year. 

    At C2-AI, he utilises his extensive medical and managerial knowledge to advance AI tools that enhance operational efficiency and risk prediction in healthcare, striving to make healthcare delivery more effective, equitable, and cost-efficient.

    Dr. Ratnarajah holds medical degrees and an Executive MBA from the London Business School, where he has lectured on healthcare resource planning and executive training.

    Dr Hatim Abdulhussein
    Dr Hatim Abdulhussein CEO Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex

    Hatim is Chief Executive Officer for Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex, part of the NHS Health Innovation Network.  Alongside this role, he continues to practice as a General Practitioner.

    In 2018, Hatim was appointed National Medical Directors Clinical Fellow to Professor Wendy Reid by the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management. His key achievements were co-author and member of the Sir Keith Pearson Commission into NHS Staff and Learner Mental Health and co-founding the ‘Topol Programme for Digital Health Fellowships’ launched by Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in 2019. He later became the National Clinical Lead for AI and Digital Workforce at NHS England providing clinical leadership to the NHS Digital Academy and leading on AI in the NHS’s historic Long Term Workforce Plan.

    Hatim studied Medicine at the prestigious Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, going on to complete a Masters in Sports and Exercise from the University of South Wales, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Health Leadership from Imperial College London. Hatim holds Membership of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics and the Royal College of General Practitioners, as well as Fellowship of Advance Higher Education.

    Hatim has been a Senior Lecturer at Brunel University London, supporting the Physician Associate MSc and development of Brunel Medical School. Hatim is a Honorary Senior Lecturer at Keele University, working with European partners to develop a Masters in Explainable AI in healthcare management. Hatim is also a member of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Technology Appraisals Committee, and the Coalition for Health AI Steering Committee.

    Hatim is an advocate for safe, ethical and responsible digital and AI transformation and ensuring workforce preparedness for new innovations and technologies in health and care. He regularly speaks internationally and has contributed to the publication of academic papers and white papers spanning workforce, education reform, primary care, digital health and AI.

    Outside of work Hatim enjoys travelling and football, and you will likely find him touring England’s best restaurants with his family. 


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